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  1. Doug Anderson 5/24/06

  2. Judge Reuben Anderson 5/24/06

  3. Louis Armstrong     View Transcript

  4. Judge Fred Banks 5/26/06     View Transcript

  5. Rev. Rims Barber 4/20/05

  6. Nancy Rose Barton 6/2/05

  7. Mayor Marion Barry 6/11/06

  8. Rev. Willie Blue 5/5/06

  9. John Brittain, Jr.     View Transcript

  10. Dr. A.B. Britton, Jr. 11/30

  11. Atty Al Bronstein     View Transcript

  12. Heather Booth     View Transcript

  13. Owen Brooks 4/14/06

  14. Judge Margaret Burnham 3/22/07    View Transcript

  15. Pasty Ruth Butler    View Transcript

  16. Lillie Mae Carstaphen

  17. Robert CO Chinn, Jr.     View Transcript

  18. Alice Clarke 7/20/06

  19. Rev Clifton Collier 1/18/2005

  20. McArthur Cotton     View Transcript

  21. Courtland Cox 6/9/06

  22. Atty. Armand Derfner 10/29/05

  23. Dr. L.C. Dorsey 10/26/06

  24. Les Dunbar 6/10/06

  25. Frank Figgers 2/2/05

  26. Frank Figgers 2/04/05 pt.2

  27. Jimmy Garrett     View Transcript

  28. Bishop Duncan Gray 12/14/04

  29. Ira Grupper     View Transcript

  30. Lawrence Guyot 10/25/04

  31. Dr. Vincent Harding pt1 3/2/06

  32. Dr. Vincent Harding pt2 3/2/06

  33. Jessie Harris 4/18/06

  34. Constance Slaughter Harvey 10/04/05

  35. Tom Hayden     View Transcript

  36. John Heyman     View Transcript

  37. Jan Hillegas 2/02

  38. D'Quincy Johnson 3/14/07

  39. Frankye Adams Johnson 11/21/05

  40. Cornelius "CJ" Jerome Jones     View Transcript

  41. Lavaree Jones 6/15/06     View Transcript

  42. James Kates 3/24/07

  43. Margaret Kibbee 3/2/06     View Transcript

  44. Marilyn Lowen 6/4/05

  45. Mayor Chokwe Lumumba 1 of 2

  46. Mayor Chokwe Lumumba 2 of 2

  47. Curtis Muhammad    View Transcript

  48. Bobby Talbert 8/22/05     View Transcript

The Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Oral History Project has recognized the need to document the history of the Civil Rights Movement through the life stories of those that participated in making this history.

Through a grant awarded by the Public Welfare Foundation, this documented history has been produced in audio and video form only. 

Heretofore, historians, writers and graduate students from the state of Mississippi have been the collectors of Mississippi Civil Rights history. There is a lack of continuity between the understanding and appreciation for Civil Rights History among the younger generations. That problem stemmed from a misrepresentation of Civil Rights History because of a lack of authenticity. Many of the activists and community leaders would not share their personal stories because of the tremendous amount of internal pain engendered and a general feeling of mistrust as to how their stories would be used. 

Those problems have been addressed through the organization of the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement who have endorsed this work. As a group, we are concerned that authentic stories are recorded and used as teaching tools to encourage future generation of leaders.


The Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Oral History Project has been able to reach over 200 local and national activists, political and community leaders and grassroots people who actively worked in the various Mississippi communities of the movement. Their lives shaped and molded events that subsequently became known as the Civil Rights History of Mississippi. 

After transcription and digitization, what will be produced by audio & video tapes will be housed at Tougaloo College and will be available to scholars, students, community organizations, public and private schools, institutions of higher learning and the general public.


Our goal is to assist in unveiling the truth that can be found in these authentic stories with a greater level of understanding about that important period of history!

Restoring and empowering communities - One Family at a Time

Our Mission

New Way Mississippi, Incorporated was founded in 1998 as a community action agency that reach out to at-risk men, women, children and families in both the rural and urban context.


New Way Mississippi, Inc. has served approximately 500 individuals and families since its establishment. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

New Way Mississippi believes that many of the problems that are presenting themselves in our society today can be traced back to lack of attention, support, encouragement, and accountability shown during vital stages of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual development.

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