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Freedom 50 DVD Collection

Box Set Available

  1. The Freedom Struggle in Mississippi -- 1946 to 1964

  2. The Continuing Struggle -- 1964 to 2014

  3. Freedom Summer 1964: Its Historic Importance

  4. Freedom Summer Roll Call

  5. In the Mississippi River

  6. Heroes and Sheroes: A Tribute to those Martyred & Murdered in Mississippi

  7. Our Southern Strategy: Where do We Go From Here? (Discs 1 & 2)

  8. Legacy Banquet (Discs 1 & 2)

"The Freedom Struggle in Mississippi -- 1946 to 1964”

The opening plenary discusses the involvement of World War II Mississippi veterans and following generations of Mississippians who struggled to end political and economic segregation, and also recognizes the young Mississippians who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

“The Continuing Struggle – 1964 to 2014”

This conversation continues the discussion of the struggle to improve the political and economic circumstances for all Americans, and pays tribute to the many members of the Mississippi NAACP who led the way from 1946 to the present.

Freedom Summer 1964:  Its Historic Importance

This plenary session discusses the political impact of Freedom Summer in Mississippi, the Democratic Party, and the realigning of the two political parties in the United States.

Freedom Summer Roll Call

This emotional plenary session recognizes Mississippians, COFO staff, and Freedom Summer volunteers from the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer Project. 

“In the Mississippi River” & “Heroes and Sheroes: A Tribute to those Martyred and Murdered in Mississippi”

This plenary session pays tribute to those who engaged in the struggle over the years to end the physical, economic and psychological terror organized by the state of Mississippi and its white citizens to keep Black Mississippians in submission, particularly to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the efforts to end segregation.


Congressman Bennie Thompson hosts a panel of his congressional colleagues who discuss strategies for making the South a more politically diverse environment.

Legacy Banquet

Dick Gregory keynotes the culminating commemorative conference banquet with a performance from his daughter, Ayanna Gregory. Hosted by Danny Glover and Karen Finney.

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