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about us

Signature Insurance Agency, LLC is locally owned and operates in Jackson, MS.


The agency was founded by Shirlene Richardson in 2014. Shirlene who has years of experience in the insurance underwriting and sales along with the team of agents provide clients with not only service by access to standard and non-standard markets. 


With a vast knowledge of the industry, Signature has developed a system for risk management and client services that excels above any other agency.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do you obtain 'event' insurance?
    Events and happenings are such wonderful celebrations and mile markers. Whether it is a wedding or birthday bash, a corporate gathering or company anniversary, film making or any outdoor activities, these kinds of events should be well-thought of and planned. But no matter how prepared you are for your events, mishaps can happen. No event is trouble-free. Well, there are almost-perfect events but still, little misfortunes will definitely come along the way. That is why purchasing event insurance is highly recommended. This will cover against liability when someone is injured or property is damaged at the event. For instance, if someone was in the partying mood and danced atop of a table and caused injury to others, the event insurance will cover it.
  • What protection does commercial building insurance provide to the business owner?
    As part of the commercial property coverage, commercial building insurance is designed to provide protection to the business owner against any physical damage to the commercial buildings or business property. In the insurance world commercial building insurance is commonly known as "building and personal property coverage form".
  • Why do I need business income insurance?
    If you are a business owner, you must rely on your business personal property to gain profit. But what if your commercial property suffers physical damage? You will - in all probability - have to spend a few months or more having your property restored or repaired to its original condition, and lose considerable profit that you would otherwise have gained. The remedy - or better - the prevention comes in the form of business income insurance - a special type of coverage specifically designed to provide financial protection for lost profits and any additional expenses related to the damaged property in the restoration period.
  • Why do I need a workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance policy?
    Every employer should be able to provide worker's compensation benefits to their employees when they sustain any occupational injury, or to their employees' dependants in the event of a work-related fatality. In addition, an employer should purchase employer's liability insurance coverage to protect themselves against catastrophic work-related liability lawsuits. Most states require employers to carry worker's compensation insurance by law. An estimated 97 percent of all US employees are covered under worker's compensation insurance and eligible to receive the necessary medical treatment and benefits for lost wages for the period of time during which they are disabled. Employees do not have to pay any deductibles or premiums to be covered under their employer's workers compensation and employer's liability insurance policy. Benefits are payable for as long as the employee's occupational disability endures. If a worker dies as a result of a work-related incident, their survivors and dependents are eligible to receive workers compensation benefits for as long as they remain legally the deceased employee's survivors.
  • What is the difference between general liability and professional liability?
    At a 10,000 foot view general liability is slips, trips and falls meaning bodily injury and/or property damage to a Third Party. A woman walks into your store and slips on a puddle, breaks her hip and sues your business for the medical damage. That’s General Liability. Professional liability is protecting your business against bad advice or guidance. Any time you give professional opinion, advice or guidance you are opening yourself up to a professional liability claim. Scary right?
  • What is commercial property insurance, and why do I need it?"
    Commercial property insurance is a must-have for anyone who does business out of a physical location. It's also a must-have for anyone who maintains an inventory or who has invested in expensive tools. This form of insurance will cover your replacement and repair costs in the event of fires, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Opting out of this coverage may not be an option for your company if you have a loan or a lease. Both promissory notes and lease documents tend to make commercial property insurance a requirement of receiving the loan or occupying the property. Even if it were optional, you probably wouldn't want to go without it. An investment into commercial property insurance is an investment in your ability to reopen after any significant event. Without commercial property insurance, a single unforeseen event could put you out of business for good.
  • Do I really need commercial auto insurance?
    Commercial auto insurance isn't just for people with branded fleets of vehicles. It's also for anyone who drives for work, or who sends employees to drive for work in their own personal vehicles. The reason is twofold. First, personal insurance policies don't cover drivers when they're using their vehicles for work purposes. And the lawyers are going to come after your business in the event of an accident, not your employee. Second, commercial auto insurance coverage limits are much higher than personal auto insurance limits. This is great news, because it means the policy is far more capable of covering you should the injured driver sue.
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