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Mississippi Black Pages encourages anyone who patronizes Black-owned businesses to give generously to keep those businesses viable.

While both JBP & the Jackson Black Business Expo kickstarted the process that grew into Mississippi Black Pages  and the Mississippi Black Business Expo , a process created to be a vehicle to promote solely Black-owned and operated ventures, we understand that support comes in many colors. That's where the #MBPSupporters Page comes in.


You don't have to be a Black business to be a #MBPSupporter, just a business that understands that Black Businesses are vital to the economy of any city.


And while we are only offering ads and listings in the publication or a booth space at the Expo to Black Business-owners, we offer this area of our site for distinction for #MBPSupporters.


If you are a business owner making a donation, your donation, your business and contact will be listed here so potential customers can get in contact with you.

We thank you for your continued support.

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